1) How to Download From MEGA nz?

2) How to Use Themes & Plugins ?
Extract files before upload

I downloaded a Theme/Plugin now how do i get it to my site?

There are 3 most common used methods for this

  1. Upload to wordpress plugins upload area.
  2. FTP using ftp program like filezilla or cuteftp.
  3. FTP using server cpanel.

1)Upload to wordpress plugins upload area.

you must first unzip the contents you downloaded then make a (zip) archive of the main plugins folder 

the picture below will help you discern the two.

after creating the archive u can upload it to the site via wordpress upload plugins

2)FTP using ftp program like filezilla or cuteftp

unzip download and simply upload the actual plugin folder located inside the unzipped folder to your wp-content/plugins directory.

3)FTP using server cpanel

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3) Request Section ?

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