What you’ll learn
  • Obtain new leads and business from more effective Google Ads

  • Maximize Google Ad effectiveness to win business and save money

  • Understand and optimize Google Search Network Ads

  • A practical and structured approach to rapidly creating Winning Google Ads
  • Learn the basics of Google Ads – including navigating the New Google Ad Console and where to obtain additional resources to increase your Google Ad Knowledge.
  • Don’t be “wondering in the dark” – Learn a practical and structured approach to create Search Campaigns from keywords; to going live to Campaign/ Ad Creation to Reporting.
  • Supercharge your efficiency by using Excel’s power to create 81,000 keywords, “negative keywords”, 30 Ads, 10 Ad Extensions. A Comprehensive Campaign developed within an afternoon!
  • Your time is valuable so by using Google Adwords Editor, you can automate Google Ad tasks and free up your time.
  • Create your own profitable, attention grabbing Ads to maximize clicks. Instantly create thousands of relevant Keywords to attract buyers to your website.
  • Understand Google Search Ad Theory and Terminology to launch to the next level of Google Ad effectiveness.
  • Understand the Google Search Screen – including the difference between Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) Vs SEO
  • Harness the power of Google Keyword Match Types (Exact, Phrase, Modifiers etc.)
  • Master this unique process of rapidly creating campaigns from Keywords, to Ads, to Publication.
  • Using the power of Excel, turn 90 Keywords into 81,000 Keywords to Boost Your Ads
  • Understand the importance of the “Buyer Funnel” in deriving your Keywords
  • Tips to writing awesome Ads to attract more customers and reduce Ad costs.
  • Unleash the power of Google Adwords Editor to Automate various tasks, improve efficiency & create multiple Ads (A/B testing)
  • Learn how to use Google Reporting to improve Ad & Campaign Performance and use the power of Excel Pivot Tables to improve quality score
  • Navigate around the New Google Ads Console (Create Campaign, Ads & Keywords).
  • Harness the power of Google Ad Reporting and Relevance to continually improve profitability; maximize sales and test the “monetization” of Google Ads.
  • Utilize the power of dynamic keyword insertion & latest Google Ad development.




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